Canning 101 ONLINE Course

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Canning 101 is an online course that shows you, step by step, how to preserve your own healthy food.

Canning 101 is an online course that shows you, step by step, how to preserve your own healthy food.  I have been teaching this class for over 12 years to hundreds of our farm customers with great results!  This class is a much-needed LIFE SKILL that you can pass down to friends, family, and future generations.

When I was a teenager, my mother taught me the steps of canning and blanching because we had a huge garden and ate these preserved veggies all winter long.  I did not enjoy learning this process, as any teenager would agree, but I am very thankful my mother taught me the basics, to return to eating healthy food in my later years.

In the Canning 101 Class, I will teach you the lost art of how to preserve your own healthy food (and why you should), so you can know exactly what you are eating and experience the nutrition you were meant to receive!  Preserving food is a valuable sustainable skill that you can teach your kids and grandkids.  If future pandemics occur, your canned goods will provide you and your family with healthy food to eat all year round.  It’s easy and satisfying to preserve your garden bounty or make your own special gifts to share with others.

What will you learn in the Canning 101 Online Class?

  • All of the tools you will use when preserving food
  • Which preservation process is best
  • Pressure Canning Process
  • Water Bath Canning Process
  • Blanching for the Freezer
  • Bonus video on making Jam/Jelly

This class is a video version of the same class that I teach at our farm during the Summer Season with one BIG differenceYou have unlimited access to the video class, so you will be able to watch it as a refresher each season as you begin preserving your veggies.

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