Dirt Rich – Online Course

$ 29.00

Dirt Rich Online Course/The Funderburks have spent 13 years developing their dream, a small sustainable farm, that produces six different income streams. Their mission revolves around teaching individuals and families to grow their own healthy food, by renting garden plots and offering a summer U-Pick Garden to the community. They also host Educational Seminars, farm tours, and have a venue for local events/parties.  In 2017, they developed a Sustainable Consulting Business to help new landowners discover the full potential of their property for sustainable living.

Formerly in corporate sales for a multimillion dollar company, Leigh spends her days managing their 15 acre farm in beautiful Franklin, TN. Olin has been in the construction business for over 30+ years and recently sold his business to spend more time on the farm, helping our community and beyond learn the value of sustainable living & farming.

By purchasing the Dirt Rich online course, you have opened the door to infinite possibilities for your sustainable journey.  Olin and Leigh will be honored for you to make them a resource from this point on, in your sustainable journey.