Southern Sourdough Bread and Cinnamon Rolls ONLINE Course

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My ONLINE Sourdough Bread and Cinnamon Rolls Course is specifically for those people who need to learn sourdough bread making on their own schedule.  This course will teach you 1. how to make your own starter, 2. how to make the dough, 3. how to pan the dough out into different products, and 3. how to bake it off at the correct temperatures and times for each product.  Some students have developed their own sourdough bread businesses or ‘side-hustles’ for additional income.  Working from home has never tasted so good!

My Aunt Susan taught me to make Southern Sourdough Bread years ago and I want to share that wonderful life skill with you.  This sourdough recipe has a sweet, savory (even comforting) taste that will have your friends and family begging for more!  This life skill can be passed on to future generations…a great way to leave a meaningful legacy.

I’ve been teaching my Sourdough Bread and Cinnamon Rolls Class in person for 7+ years at our farm in Franklin, Tennessee and selling the products in our own farm store.  I’ve had numerous requests for an online program that could reach others who live too far from our farm to attend an in-person class.

My new online course is geared specifically for those individuals who want to learn how to make their own homemade sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls, and need a curriculum that fits their schedule.  It is also for those people who would like to make extra income with a sourdough ‘side-hustle’ or full time business.  Working from home never tasted so good!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to My Southern Sourdough Bread and Cinnamon Rolls Class!

Sourdough Bread Course Overview

What You Will Need to Make Your Sourdough

Chapter #1 – All About the Starter

  • How to Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

  • Feeding the Sourdough Starter

Chapter #2 – The Next 36 Hours, Mixing (first rise), Panning Out the Dough (second rise)

  • Mixing the Dough and let it rise for 8-12 hours

  • Panning Out the Dough and let it rise again for another 8-12 hours

  • Panning Out Cinnamon Rolls and let them rise 8-12 hours

  • After the Dough Rises…next step Bake Off

Chapter #3 – Bake Off Your Bread and Summary of the Process

  • Final Results of Your Baked Bread!

  • Sourdough Bread Recap – Summary of the Process

Next steps

  • Time to Download the Recipes and Instructions to make your own delicious sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls!

  • How to Make Sourdough Starter – download this file first

  • Sourdough Bread Recipe Online Class – Download this file next

  • Sourdough Bread Calendar for online class – last file download

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