If you’ve scrolled through Pinterest or flipped through a home garden magazine, you may have caught sight of this creative twist on gardening: the Vertical Pallet Garden.

Not only is a vertical pallet garden a whimsical way to spruce up your space, it also cuts down on time spent weeding (heck yes!) and can make gardening a possibility in even the most compact of outdoor spaces.


Flowers, succulents, herbs, and vegetables are all happy contenders for calling a vertical pallet garden home sweet home.

Creating your own vertical pallet garden is inexpensive, requires few supplies, and can easily be completed within the hour. (To see a few different vertical pallet garden design ideas, check out my Pinterest board.)

Keep reading to learn how to build your own vertical pallet garden!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden palette
  • Landscape fabric
  • Staple gun

How to Build Your Vertical Pallet Garden:

Prepare your palette. 

When choosing your palette, ensure that they have not been treated with pesticides! Most U.S.-based pallets are heat-treated for pests and are safe to use. Look for the symbol “IPPC” on them.

Prepare your palette by removing any nails, large wooden splinters, or other stray objects.

Make amendments as necessary: if the horizontal wooden slats are particularly close together, you may want to remove every other one to allow for more space to plant.

Apply the landscape fabric.

The landscape fabric will serve both as the back of your vertical garden AND the base where the plants will sit between each rung/slat of the palette. 

Begin by measuring out the landscape fabric about twice the length of the palette. 

Next, cut the landscape fabric in half (vertically) so that you are applying two “strips” of fabric on the left and right side of the palette.

Using a staple gun, staple the landscape fabric into place beginning along the backside of the palette, and then creating “bases” for your plants using the fabric as you go down the palette. 

The more staples, the merrier! You want to make sure the landscape fabric is firmly in place and can hold the weight of the soil and plants. 

Get to planting.

Prop your vertical plant garden in its allocated space—like leaning it up against a wall or railing. Make sure the location is secure and not in, say, the path of pups who might knock it over. 

Some people like to take things up a notch and to create wall mounts using brackets to secure the palette garden into place.

Once propped vertically, shovel in garden soil and plant your greenery of choice!

Video Instruction:

We know, we know… seeing these instructions action can make a lot more sense than just reading directions.

We found this video to be helpful for us in learning how to create a vertical pallet garden.

Happy planting from all of us at Stoney Creek Farm!