Tiny House or Camper can double as a Cargo Trailer – Re-purpose Project

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This Cargo Trailer can be so much more! Check out our Repurpose Project!

Olin and I love to camp and have used a Jumping Jack Tent Trailer for years. It’s basically a large tent on a trailer and can be set up in about 5 minutes…really! It has two full-size beds, a table and we had a portable toilet in it for emergencies. It was very comfortable and we have been all over the Southeast camping in it. We could even pull it with my Honda CRV, because it was very lightweight.  But since we have aged a bit, we decided to invest in a larger camper with more amenities. We visited RV lots and got an idea of the size and type of camper we wanted, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something we would only use 6-7 times a year.  Olin woke up early one morning and decided to check out enclosed trailers as an option, because it could be used for a dual purpose  (sounds like repurpose project!).

We found a 2 year old cargo trailer that had been wired for electricity and had wood walls, a sealed wood floor, and an insulated ceiling. Since it was a reasonable price, we knew it could be converted into a dual purpose trailer for camping and hauling cargo. They were Kentucky fans, so it was painted blue and white.

First Steps:

Frame out a bathroom and kitchen area and paint over the KY blue!
Then install a small sink for the tiny kitchen area and wall in the shower with corrugated metal walls. Still needed a hot water heater and trim.


After the instant hot water tank and plumbing fixtures were installed, we felt over halfway through the project. He also installed a window on the door, a window on the other side and a vent fan on the roof for ventilation.

Finally, the camper is finished! It is complete with converting couch/bed, refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, storage, bathroom, and small kitchen. The front of the trailer (near the nose) has a permanent bathroom and kitchen, while the bed, dining and storage in the back is moveable for use as a cargo trailer. Check out our pictures below…

Here is the small kitchen, complete with microwave, two burner stove, sink, toaster oven with the air conditioner on the floor. The bathroom is directly to the left and includes a portable toilet (50 flush) and a fairly large shower.

The back of the camper has all moveable items that can be stored elsewhere when we need to use it as a cargo trailer. Instead of hanging pictures or attaching posters to the walls, we put in wall decals that peal and stick…easy to remove if we change our design. Most of the items we used to furnish or finish the camper were recycled or re-purposed items, so we were able to complete our sustainable camper project at a very low cost. We would love to hear your feedback and if you are interested in learning more about this project, just contact us at