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“Delicious, Healthy, Holiday Meals and Potluck recipes” Class, December 1st

By Nov 22, 2018 No Comments

Are you wondering how to get through the holidays while eating healthy? And how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season? This cooking class features tasty samples of plant based recipes which can be taken to holiday gatherings and enjoyed by all.  You will also learn tips to start out the New Year with purpose!  Receive a discount too, if you sign up for the “New Year, New You program”. Set yourself up for success with a personalized plan, a coach and support.

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Guest Speaker Bio

Carol Thibodeau has been on her own journey from chronic illness toward optimal wellness over 20 years. During her 30+ year career as a physical therapist she has helped thousands of people to move better and have less pain. Her passion for lifelong learning has brought her to a new mission- empowering people to take control of their lives through healthy lifestyle changes. Whether you want to lose weight, prevent and/or reverse chronic disease, decrease your stress, improve your fitness level or decrease your pain, she will encourage and enable you to achieve the wellness you desire. Carol is certified in Plant Based Nutrition through the eCornell’s T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She is also a Certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach trained through Wellstart Health, a physical therapist, personal trainer, and former Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor. Everyone has a story and a goal, and Carol can help you begin your journey to wellness of body, mind and spirit.