Local Pasture Raised Meat, Dairy and Eggs

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Local Partner:
Taylor Family Farm

Non-GMO, Pasture Raised Meat, Dairy and Eggs

Because of feedback from our Stoney Creek Farm customers, we are partnering with Taylor Family Farm to provide a local pick-up location for excellent quality local products that you will be able to view and order from their online store.


Taylor Family Farm is located in Ethridge, Tennessee by John and Terri Taylor.  They have been providing high quality products from their local farm store as well as small Middle Tennessee grocery stores and specialty restaurants.


Their delivery schedule to Stoney Creek Farm will be set for every other Thursday, starting June 1st.  Depending on the volume, this delivery schedule could increase to every week…TBD.  Below is the order schedule for this first time:

ORDER:  anytime before 6:00 pm, Tuesday, May 30 
PICKUP:  anytime Friday, June 2, call/text 615.591.0015 with time

To place your order, go to their website:
and use the “Stoney Creek Farm Drop” or you can call them.  Their contact information is below too.

Taylor Farm card

Stoney Creek Farm
4700 Coe Lane
Franklin, TN  37064

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