Kombucha – 3 Reasons You Should Brew Your Own

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Three reasons to brew your own Kombucha.

  1. Cost. The average bottle of kombucha is $3 plus at the store for a 16 oz bottle which is roughly $24 or more per gallon. So after the initial investment in jars, scoby, sugar and tea the continued cost for a gallon of homemade kombucha is roughly $2.
  2. Control.  By brewing your own you control the source of water, sugar and tea. You control the intensity of the final drink by the length of time it ferments. You also control which fruits and juices are used in the second fermenting process thus ensuring its quality meets your personal standards and the amount of sugar content. 
  3. Community.  As time goes on new scobies will grow and you can share them with friends and teach them how to brew their own.

Brewing Kombucha Class
with Deana Marcum and Courtney Windham
Sunday, October 9th, 2 – 4 pm
Cost $45, which includes instruction, gallon brewing jar, scoby, organic black tea, organic cane sugar

Deana and Courtney will involve the class in the following activities:
1.  Demonstration of how to make Kombucha
2.  Flavoring of Kombucha after fermentation is done
3.  How to save starter liquid to continue another batch of Kombucha
4.  Tasting of flavored Kombucha
5.  Discuss benefits of Kombucha (healthy gut, probiotics and much more)
6.  Discuss Jun tea (like Kombucha, but made w/ a different scoby and green tea), Keifer, ginger brew, etc.

All attendees will go home with their own fully brewed gallon jar of Kombucha tea with scoby, so they will not have to wait on it to brew!
To register: Marcum Bio
Deana Marcum’s ease into natural living was inspired by two do it yourself, back to basics,question everything parents who lived as self sufficient as possible while raising their five children. Further influenced by grand parents and great grandparents who all gave her a solid foundation on natural living, canning, gardening, cooking and baking from scratch. Her journey into herbalism and natural health really peaked at the age of 19 when researching female health and being introduced to the work of Jethro Kloss. As a working homeschooling mom Deana has a passion for teaching others and finds joy in seeing that “aha” moment when students from 2 to 92 learn something new.

Courtney Windham Bio
Courtney Windham is a stay-at-home mom and owner of Simply Traditional Body Care.  Her journey into natural living began over 10 years ago, when her oldest child was diagnosed with severe food allergies in infancy.  She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has acquired along the way with others – hopefully saving them some of the frustrations of trial and error that comes with learning something new!

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