Here’s something that’s scary: a recent study found that 70% of produce sold in the U.S. had pesticide residue even after washing.

Strawberries, spinach, and kale are among the biggest culprits, with conventionally-farmed kale containing up to 18 pesticides.

Dacthal—a pesticide that is banned in Europe—was the most common pesticide found, detected in more than 60% of kale samples. The EPA has even classified this pesticide as a possible carcinogen.

Do you want your family eating this?

We know that we don’t!

Our mission is to educate and empower you to live a life of more joy & less stress, and that includes growing and eating food that is good for you and your familynot food covered in a dozen chemicals.

We want to highlight a few gardening resources that we have for you so that you can get started growing your own healthy food! After all, is there a better time to begin than this?!

Free Resources on the Stoney Creek Farm Blog

Our hope is that the Stoney Creek Farm blog can be a free resource for all things sustainable living!

Check out some of these gardening blog posts to get started with planning and planting your own garden:

Gardening 101 (without Pesticides) Class

If you’d prefer a hands-on opportunity to learn everything about gardening without pesticides, I invite you to join us for our Gardening 101 (without Pesticides) Class on Saturday, April 6 from 10am – 11:30am.

You’ll learn all the basics of gardening, including the best tools to use, soil testing, attracting & keeping beneficial insects, germination, raised bed gardening, and more!

Garden Rentals

Wanting to grow your own healthy food but don’t have the land for it? Rent a garden plot at Stoney Creek Farm!

What does your garden rental include?

1. Tilled, ready-to-plant plot
2. Mentorship: We’ll help you design your garden and provide advice throughout the growing season
3. Optional fencing to keep the critters out
4. A free ticket to our Gardening 101 class on April 6!

We offer three different garden rental plot sizes to suit your growing needs. Take a look at your garden rental options here.

Sustainable Consulting

If you want to start a garden or determine how your land could be used for multiple income streams, but you aren’t sure where to begin, let us come to you with personalized guidance!

Whether it a backyard HOA or acres of land you want to develop, Olin and I will use our combined contracting and garden & farming skills to provide you with individualized guidance.

You’ll receive detailed recommendations for your property and contact resources for developing your property.

Recent consulting clients include:

  • A 7 acre-farm in Tennessee that we recommended developing for U-Pick destination farming
  • A 3 acre-property that we recommended using as a flower bouquet business
  • A local elementary school that created a garden for student learning purposes
  • Multiple neighborhood clients looking for raised bed and garden design guidance.

To learn how your property can sustainably serve you and your family, email Leigh at to book your farm or garden consultation.

Sustainable consulting services are offered at an hourly and per-project basis.