Garden Clothing for Sun Protection

I have VERY fair skin!  During the 70’s when I was in high school, it was fashionable, even expected for you to have a tan.  I would bake in the sun with baby oil and coconut oil to attempt glowing brown skin with very little results.  Needless to say, now that I’m older, my dermatologist warns me to cover up every part of my skin because of the previous years of constant sun damage.  I wish I could turn back time and change the sun damage, but since that is not possible, I buy clothing for sun protection when working in the garden.  For those gardeners who want to save money, occasionally you can find sun protection clothing at a thrift store or liquidation store.

The warmth of summer is fully here. You love getting out in the yard to garden, and the weather is just about perfect for it right now. However, as much as you might love the sunshine, you also need to be careful. The sun and heat can be damaging to your health if you aren’t careful. Use the following tips and products to help you stay cool and protected from the sun.

Wear the Right Clothes

You should opt to wear a simple short-sleeved cotton tee when you are out in the garden. Cotton does a good job of breathing, which can help you stay cooler. Also, when choosing a tee, opt for a light color. White, light gray, light blue, yellow, etc. can work nicely. Having darker colors is a bad idea, as they tend to absorb more of the sunlight, which ends up making you feel warmer and causing you to sweat.

Of course, you’re probably wondering about the rest of your arms if you are in short sleeves. Fortunately, you can find products known as farming sleeves, which will slip right over the arms to help keep you safe from the sun. These sleeves are lightweight, and they breathe so that you won’t feel too hot and sweaty in them. Not only will they protect you from the sun, but they will also help to keep you safer from things like insects, prickly plants, and even rashes.

If you prefer other types of shirts, you can certainly use them. Just always keep in mind how heavy the shirt is, its breathability, etc. The lighter and airier the better off you will be when gardening during the summer.

Consider your pants, as well. Shorts can work, but so can pants as long as they are loose-fitting around the legs, and they can allow for good airflow. This will help you keep from overheating.

Protecting the Rest of Your Skin

The right clothes will make a difference, but there will still be parts of your skin that are uncovered and at the mercy of the sun. Therefore, you will want to make sure you have high-quality sunscreen for your ears, face, legs, and parts of your arms that are exposed.

Get a Good Hat as Part of Your Clothing for Sun Protection in the Garden

Having a quality hat is going to be a necessity when you head outside. However, you don’t want just any sort of hat. You want something that offers some sort of cooling properties, such as hats from There, you can find a huge selection of options for keeping cool including bucket hats, brim hats, and ball caps.

The caps and other products from the company, such as their cooling towels, are fantastic. They feature simple cooling technology. Wet it, ring it out, wave it, and wear it—easy as that. They promise that their products can help you keep cool for hours before you’ll need to re-wet and reactivate.

Of course, when you are in a pinch, there’s always a nice and simple solution to keep your head a bit cooler even without these special hats and towels. Just take your hat and dunk it into some cool water before you put it on your head. This will help to keep the temps down and you will feel better when you’re out under a blazing sun.

When the hat dries, just dunk it again. This is a nice and easy solution, not to mention cheap. However, the cool feeling doesn’t typically last as long as it does with the products from Mission.

Get Out of the Sun for a Bit and Hydrate Right

We know that time can get away from you if you aren’t careful. You might tell yourself you’ll only be outside working in the garden for half an hour or so and suddenly it’s three hours later, and you’re dehydrated and burned.

It’s essential to get out of the sun for a while. Set a reminder if you need to. Find some shade or go inside for a little bit to cool down and assess how you feel. Relax and rehydrate when you take those brakes out of the sun. Also, make sure you’re honest with yourself if it’s time to call it a day.

When rehydrating, water works well, but so do drinks like Gatorade, which can help to replenish your electrolytes. Ideally, you will want to stay away from caffeinated beverages, as they can make you feel more dehydrated. Also, don’t drink ice-cold water on a hot day, even though it might be tempting. It could send a signal from the vagus nerves to your brain, causing you to pass out momentarily. Because cold water constricts blood vessels, it could also make it harder to hydrate.

How Dangerous Is the Sun?

As much as we might love sunny days, it’s essential to have a healthy appreciation for just how dangerous the sun can be.

There is the potential for short-term skin damage. You could burn in less than 15 minutes, even though it won’t show for between two and six hours. Long-term skin damage is a possibility, as well. Being overexposed to UV rays can mean seeing wrinkles sooner, sagging skin, a dry and leathery look to the skin, age spots, and even skin cancer.

Heat stroke is another danger from the sun. It can start as cramps, feelings of exhaustion, and even fainting. It could also damage the brain and other organs to the point of death. Be aware of how you feel and get under some shade to rest when needed and absolutely use clothing with Sun protection quality when you work in the garden.

Stay Safe and Use Clothing with Sun Protection in the Garden

With the right clothing, proper hydration, and not spending too much time under the sun, you can keep safe from burns, heat stroke, and more. Even if you have a lot of work in the garden, you have to remember that your health is more important. The sun can wreak havoc on your body. It’s better to just head inside and get cool when you’re getting too warm.