Need help making and maintaining your compost pile? What about a helping hand for animal care? Would assistance with maintenance or some help with eco-construction projects make a difference on your homestead?

Why not WWOOF?

For many organic farms, WWOOF — the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms — is the fairy godmother who sprinkles a much-needed workforce into their land and life.

Although we are too small for a full-time workforce here at Stoney Creek Farm, we are fascinated by the opportunity that WWOOF provides to teach and mentor young people who want to own their own homestead.

Think you could use a helping hand on your own farm or homestead? Keep reading to learn more about WWOOF.

What is WWOOF?

Originally founded in the UK in 1971, WWOOF exists in countries across the globe, including the United States.

The mission of WWOOF U.S.A. is “to link visitors with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.” 

With most Americans being 3 – 5 generations separated from farming, this is a mission we can get behind!

Who can become a WWOOF host?

If you use organic gardening practices on your homestead or farm and you need a helping hand, you can become a host! 

It’s not only gardening projects that you can seek help for, either. If you have a sustainable living or renewable energy project that you could use assistance with, you can also become a host. The main qualification is that you are a farm or homestead using organic, sustainable practices.

Keep in mind, it’s not only about receiving that extra pair of hands on the homestead — it’s also about sharing your knowledge of sustainable agriculture and living practices with “WWOOFers” — those you are hosting — who are eager to learn. Be prepared to provide hands-on teaching to those who you are hosting.

“WWOOFers” provide 4 – 6 hours of help each day in exchange for meals and lodging that you provide them for the duration of their stay. Some can stay for a day — some can stay longer! It’s up to you to set the perimeters for how long you need help.

Learn more about becoming a WWOOF host here.

Why should more farms use WWOOF?

As we said before, it’s not just about receiving that extra set of hands on the farm — it’s about teaching the “WWOOFers” sustainable farming and living practices! 

Farm and ranch families make up less than 2% of the entire United States population. This means that the majority of society is extremely separated — and therefore ignorant — to how food is cultivated.

WWOOFers are people who are eager to learn about sustainable agriculture — and as a homestead or farm owner, you can be the one to share this knowledge with them. 

After all, we could all use more folks who are passionate about sustainability. Why not share your wisdom with a WWOOFer?

You can learn more about WWOOF — and how your farm can benefit — here.