Do you know where your meat comes from? And we don’t mean from your nearby chain grocery store!

Did you know that meat that comes from pastured animals is better for your health?

Not only does this meat lack nasty chemical additives like hormones and antibiotics commonly used in commercial farming, but the meat also contains higher amounts of antioxidants and vitamins.

Pasture-raised animals are happier and healthier, and consuming pasture-raised meat makes you happier and healthier, too!

Some of our dear friends and fellow farmers here in middle Tennessee are John and Terri Taylor of Taylor Family Farm. They provide fresh pasture-raised, non-GMO meat and dairy products to all of us local folks who are lucky enough to live in the mid-TN area and Florence, AL!

We reached out to John & Taylor to further explain why pasture-raised meats are better for you.

(P.S. John Taylor will be leading a session on natural beekeeping and pasture-raised meats at our Fall Sustainable Farm Conference, coming up on Saturday, September 28! You can get all the details here.)

1. What does it mean for an animal to be pasture-raised vs. an animal raised in large-scale commercial operations?

Pasture raised means an animal is on pasture in a habitat that is natural to them. There are many benefits to this, one of the biggest is healthier animals that hardly ever need medicating. Healthier animals means healthier people.

Conventional methods are to keep animals confined in pens or houses for control of feed, climate and activity… often meaning sickness if not medicated.

Today many labels are used that are confusing/deceptive to the consumer. Terms such as “cage free,” “free range” still doesn’t mean it’s a pastured animal.

Know your farmer!

2. What are the major benefits of choosing pasture-raised meats that are fed non-GMO grains or grass-fed?

GMO grains have been engineered to withstand being sprayed with herbicides and insecticides. This has lead to “superbugs” and “superweeds” which can only be taken care of with even more toxic chemicals added such as the herbicide 2,4-D. We all know chemicals are bad for the environment and our bodies.

Studies have shown that animals raised on pasture with access to grass, nuts (for hogs), bugs (for poultry), sunshine, and fresh water have meat that is higher in Omega 3s and many other nutrients. In addition to more nutrients in the food, less chemicals is also healthier.

It’s also more beneficial to the animals and our environment to keep them in as natural a habitat as possible. It adds natural fertilization.

Healthier animals equals healthier people!

3. What would you say to someone who isn’t yet a “believer” in choosing pasture-raised/non-GMO-fed meats?

Most people who choose not to purchase local pastured products aren’t willing to pay the price difference. We believe you invest in your health now, or you can pay for sickness later.

Even if you only buy bones for broth, it can improve health.

And healthier animals equals healthier people!

Our Fall Sustainable Farm Conference is 2 weeks away!

We had such a huge level of interest in our spring Sustainable Farm Conference that for the first time ever we’re offering it a second time in a year!

Our fall farm conference will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at our farm in beautiful Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville.

Our Sustainable Farm Conference is a full day of education and inspiration, covering everything you need to know about pursuing a life of more joy and less stress.

Sessions include:

  • Natural Beekeeping led by guest expert John Taylor of Taylor Family Farms
  • Pasture-Raised Animals led by guest expert John Taylor of Taylor Family Farms
  • The Healing Power of Microgreens led by guest expert Lilly Castro, “The Sprout Chick”
  • Gardening with Raised Beds & Cold Frames for Growing Winter Produce
  • Income Streams & Marketing Your Farm
  • And so much more!

You can see the full conference itinerary here.

We hope to see you at the farm on September 28!