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Benefits of Amphibians in Your Garden

Benefits of Amphibians in Your Garden

It’s unfortunate, but a lot of people—even those who grew up in the country—are afraid of amphibians, as well as reptiles. The fear might be because they aren’t furry and cuddly. Regardless, quite a few people end up having a negative reaction when it comes to these types of critters. This is a shame because these creatures tend to be harmless for the most part.  This article will show you the benefits of amphibians in your garden!

You aren’t going to find too many dangerous amphibians in this area. Having them in the garden rather than getting rid of them tends to be a good idea. Below, we’ll be exploring the benefits of having these living things around your property, and you’ll get some tips to help make your space more amphibian-friendly.

Why Should You Protect Your Garden Amphibians?

When you have amphibians in your garden, you will get to experience some nice benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the natural pest control that you get. Amphibians can eat up all sorts of bugs you don’t want around your property, and this includes things like mosquitos, spiders, slugs, and more. Having some frogs or other creatures around that can eat those insects will help to make your garden a more pleasant place to spend time. They will eat a lot of insects each night.

One of the other benefits that can come from having amphibians in the garden is that it tends to be a sign of a healthy ecosystem. They are good bioindicators. Frogs, for example, tend to be sensitive to pollutants and pesticides in the area. If you have frogs, there’s a good chance that the garden is healthy.

Here’s a benefit that you might not have imagined—the sound. The sound of frogs, for example, can be relaxing. It let you know when springtime is coming, and many people like to hear the frogs at night to help lull them to sleep. The sounds of real nature can’t be beat.

Garden Amphibians can Benefit Conservation Too

Allowing the amphibians to have a home in the garden also means you are doing your part for conservation. Sadly, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature says one out of every three amphibian species is on a list of endangered species. By creating a habitat that’s safe for the amphibians, you are helping them to survive.

Another good reason to let amphibians make homes in and around your garden is because of the educational experience they can provide. You and the kids alike can learn more about the amphibians that are out in the garden. Having more knowledge helps to ensure that the kids aren’t scared of these creatures and that they grow up to have an appreciation for them and all animals that make up our ecosystem.

Plus, once you start to get to know more about these creatures, you’ll see just how wonderful, unique, and yes, even cute, they can be!

What Can You Do to Keep the Amphibians Happy and Benefit Your Garden?

Of course, you need to make sure you have a habitat that is conducive to the happiness of your little amphibian friends. It is easier than you might think to create a location that is right for these creatures, and one of the first things you need to do is commit to not using pesticides. These are harmful to all elements of nature and could end up killing the amphibians or making them leave.

One of the things you might want to consider is adding a garden pond. After all, amphibians are going to need a bit of water. Think about the design of the pond, as well. You want to make sure it is nice and easy for the amphibians to get in and out as needed. You want to have a place where the frogs can lay their eggs. It should provide a reasonable amount of protection from other animals, too much sunlight, too much shade, etc.

However, something you don’t want to do is stock fish in your pond. Why don’t you want fish? Those fish need to eat, and they are going to look for some easy food like the eggs of amphibians. Make sure you keep the fish away.

What about Your Pets?

You will also want to think about how your pets are going to interact with the amphibians when they encounter one another. Cats and dogs could hurt or even kill them. Along the same lines, be careful when landscaping, so you don’t end up hurting them. Pay attention to what you are doing and move them out of the way if needed.

Also, you don’t have to buy frogs or get frogs to bring to the pond. Instead, you can simply build and maintain it. Turn it into a space that amphibians will love, and you’ll find that frogs, salamanders, and more are going to show up on their own. Research the things that the types of amphibians you want in the garden like. Find some native water plants for the pond that they enjoy, and you will eventually start to see frogs and other critters in your yard.

Additionally, you will want to keep some parts of your yard natural, so the creatures have some natural cover. Salamanders tend to like leaf litter cover, for example. You can still landscape but make the habitat a place where these animals can feel safe and comfortable. This is how you are going to get them to stay in your yard.

You should now have a better understanding of why these little creatures are so important, and now you know how to make them happy.

A Sustainable Ecosystem and Local Kid’s Class

You can create a wonderful, healthy ecosystem for your garden where amphibians will be happy and healthy and where you don’t have to deal with quite as many mosquitos. Just think about how great it will be to have frogs eating them up and making your backyard a little more pleasant.

If you happen to live in the Middle Tennessee area, bring your kids to our Amphibians and Reptiles Class on August 20, 2022 at 10 am.  You will see examples of the types of environments you can find these wonderful creatures and how to search for them safely.  The kids will learn all about the characteristics of amphibians and reptiles and just how important they are to our ecosystem.   The class is only $25 per child and Parents/Grandparents are FREE.  Hope to see you at the farm!