My husband, Olin, grew up in a large family. Each Christmas, all the children and grandchildren would get together at Mother Spell’s and Pappy’s farm in Mississippi. 

Mother Spell and Pappy both grew up during the Great Depression era, and because of this, they taught the family sustainable skills from a young age. Everything was reused, patched, or repurposed—never thrown away.

For Christmas, the family would draw names for gift-giving. One year, money was kind of short, so Mother Spell had everyone make a craft for the person whose name they had drawn. That Christmas, they were able to save tons of money and make lots of memories.

Olin made his cousin, Scott, a hand-built foosball table. Scott still has this precious handmade gift over 40 years later!

Just like Mother Spell and Pappy, we believe that decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive and wasteful. Decorate for less and have fun with the whole family with these 7 sustainable crafts!

1. Reindeer Christmas Treat Jars

What do you get when you combine a mason jar with googly eyes? A way-too-cute reindeer Christmas treat jar. Have leftover mason jars from that last batch of preserves you made? This craft only needs a few extra supplies to make: glitter, googly eyes, red pom poms, decoupage, pipe cleaner, and hot glue. 

Find the full crafting instructions here.

2. Candy Cane Mice

Leftover felt in your craft bin that you’re not sure what to do with? This craft is for you! Using only a few supplies, these cute felt mice will add an element of delight to a sweet candy cane treat.

Find the full crafting instructions here.

3. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Only the Martha Stewart team could come up with a craft so simply genius as this one. Take a few metal cookie cutters that you haven’t used in a while, add in favorite family photos or festive craft paper, and voila!—you have cute new Christmas tree ornaments and the memory of creating these with your loved ones.

Find the full crafting instructions here.

4. Christmas Light Napkin Rings

Old Christmas lights? Don’t toss them—repurpose them! This craft reuses Christmas lights to create a simple napkin ring that definitely will receive compliments from your holiday guests.

Find the full crafting instructions here.

5. Pine Cone Wreath

Inexpensive and sustainable is the name of the game when it comes to this DIY wreath. If you live in an area where pinecones are a-plenty, then you have the main materials you need to create this gorgeous holiday wreath.

Find the full tutorial video here.

6. Puzzle Piece Snowflakes

What to do with that dusty decade-old puzzle with missing pieces tucked forgotten in your closet? Grab some white paint and repurpose them with these cute and easy puzzle piece snowflakes!

Find the full crafting instructions here.

Local to Middle Tennessee?

7. Find family-friendly fun at our Hymnal Angels Sustainable Holiday Craft Class.

Looking for a sustainable holiday display or a gift to a friend? How about some local family fun? 

Join us at the farm on Saturday, December 5 for our Hymnal Angel Craft Class

The Hymnal Angel craft re-purposes unused hymnals into beautiful holiday arrangements and special gifts for Christmas.

During the class, we’ll put together the angels step-by-step, so that your finished project is absolutely stunning!

Get your tickets here.