There are your basic gardening tools, like gloves, shears, and shovels. 

And then there are those gardening tools: the tools you’ve never thought about before, but that make your gardening and lawn tasks significantly easier.

We’ve gathered a list of 7 game-changing gardening tools you didn’t know you needed.

Until now, of course!

1. Power+ Multi-Head System from EGO

EGO offers several universal batteries that fit most tools, making it easy to manage your yard projects! This POWER+ Multi-Head System has numerous attachments you can buy that serve various garden and lawn purposes.

Some of our garden renters use the cultivator attachment for easy weed management. We use the blower attachment, and highly recommend it!

View the Power+ Multi-Head System.

2. Ergonomic Trowel

I’m considering purchasing this ergonomic trowel. The unique design protects your wrist from remaining in uncomfortable positions while you dig. It also features anti-slip thumb rise and finger guards — definitely something worth checking out!

View the ergonomic trowel.

3. Canvas Carry-All Garden Stool

Get off your knees and get comfy as you tend your garden — all while keeping your tools within easy reach — with this foldable garden stool. As a stool and tool bag, this multipurpose gardening tool from Anthropologie is a great addition to any gardener’s collection. 

View the Canvas Carry-All Garden Stool.

4. Watering Wand

When watering your garden, it’s important to avoid overwetting the foliage, which can put the plant at risk for fungal diseases. With a watering wand attached to your hose, you’re easily able to reach the base of your plants, so you can give your thirsty garden a good drink without soaking the leaves. A watering wand also makes it easier to reach plants in other harder-to-reach areas, like hanging baskets.

View watering wands here.

5. Garden Tub

Have you ever been here? You’re an hour into pruning back your garden, satisfied with a work well done, only to realize you now have a pile next to you of trimmed brambles in need of discarding. So you drag over your trash can and start scooping in your trimmings. 

That’s where a multipurpose garden tub comes in handy — with this lightweight tub at your side, you can easily collect trimmings and weeds. Additionally, a garden tub can serve multiple purposes, like transporting compost or harvesting your summer squash. 

This garden tub goes a step further: it’s made from 100% recycled low density polyethylene. We love that it’s a sustainable option!

View the garden tub here.

6. Electronic Plant Sensor

All plant varieties have different sunlight and moisture requirements. What if you could tell that your plant’s needs were being met before its leaves wilt or its stalks began stretching? That’s why an electronic plant sensor is such a cool gadget to have on hand. You can put one aside the plant you’d like to monitor to collect information like how much direct sunlight it’s getting, or how long the soil is holding moisture.

This article reviews 6 different plant sensor tools, allowing you to choose which one fits your needs best.

7. Solar Sprinkler

Keeping critters out of your garden, without the use of chemical deterrents, can be a challenge. A solar sprinkler is a sustainable gardener’s best friend when it comes to keeping wildlife away. These tools (shoot out water) when it detects motion, startling any animal bandit attempting to snack on your garden. The best part? They gather energy from the sun — no batteries or other power source needed.

View solar sprinklers here.


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