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Join us for our 4th Annual Sustainable Farm Conference!

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The 4th Annual Sustainable Farm Conference is coming up on March 30!

The Sustainable Farm Conference is one of my favorite events that we offer at Stoney Creek Farm!

It’s difficult to fully describe just how much joy Olin and I receive from simple, sustainable living on our small farm south of Nashville… you have to live it yourself to understand!

And that’s exactly why we want to invite you to do with our 4th Annual Sustainable Farm Conference on March 30. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge that will allow you to live out your own dreams of sustainable living. We’ll share with you our lifestyle and business model, empowering you to live a life of more joy and less stress!

Some attendees only come to learn about the lifestyle, while others are curious to see our “out of the box” ideas that translate into income streams for the farm.

Olin and I haven’t always lived this way–we were both a part of the corporate rat race for many years before deciding to leave that behind for a simpler life that focused less on consumption and competition and more on appreciating this beautiful earth. We would never go back!

We believe that it is our calling to share with others the joy and freedom that we’ve found from living sustainably, and one of the ways we do this is through the Sustainable Farm Conference!

We hope you’ll join us! You can learn more and get your ticket here.

What You’ll Learn

Topics that will be covered at the Sustainable Farm Conference include:

  • Homesteading
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Farm Income on Small Acreage
  • Growing Natural, Healthy Food (without pesticides)
  • Preserving and Fermenting Food
  • Farm Animals
  • Helping Beneficial Insects Thrive on Your Farm
  • Beekeeping and Solitary Bees
  • Composting and Soil Testing
  • Marketing Your Farm
  • Agriculture Green Belt
  • Working with a Debt Free Operation
  • Temporary Greenhouse Production

Here’s What Attendees Say About the Conference

We wanted to share a couple stories of how attending the Sustainable Farm Conference empowered these individuals to live simpler, sustainable lives!

“I attended Stoney Creek’s Sustainable Farm Conference fueled only by my curiosity about raising goats and having a better garden. I came away (and keep going back to the farm) inspired to mindfully pursue a simpler and healthier life.

The changes for me were spurred by not only the wealth of information that I gained from the numerous experts who were there, or from the creative and diverse attendees, but also from the energy and passion springing from Leigh and Olin, the resident farming gurus at Stoney Creek!

This communal experience, led by the Funderburks, was a gathering of imaginative and happiness seekers who were all joined by their intentions to be healthier and freer. It was fun, educational and I would call it a spiritual experiencea glimpse into how we can all join together to sustain our resources, but more than that, how to sustain ourselves in connection with nature.” Trisha Hothorn


“My first learning experience with Leigh and Olin came from their Sustainable Farm Conference in early 2016, which coincided with the release of their first book, Dirt Rich. The seminar went hand-in-hand with the vast amount of information in the book, and it was a great opportunity to be able to hear their story and learn from them in person.

In the two-and-a-half years since that time, my husband and I have built our own version of being ‘dirt rich’ by building our own tiny house on 15 acres. We have used information from Dirt Rich and other learning opportunities at Stoney Creek Farm as guidelines when planting our own gardens, canning our harvest, and planning our next steps in living a sustainable life.”  Robyn Barber (Read more about Robyn’s small house on her blog!)

What will your Sustainable Farm Conference story be? Join us to find out! We can’t wait to welcome you to Stoney Creek Farm!

Know someone who would benefit from the conference? Make their week with a gift certificate to the Sustainable Farm Conference! You can get your online gift certificate for the conference at the Stoney Creek Farm online store.

We’ll see y’all at the conference!