Teaching people about sustainable farming and natural resource management.

Why Be ‘Dirt Rich’?

Are you a person who yearns for a simpler life filled with daily activities that are meaningful to you and your family?  Maybe you have wanted to learn to grow your own food without pesticides, raise chickens for cage-free eggs, or preserve vegetables and fruit so that you can be certain of the healthy ingredients you are eating.  If any of these learning experiences appeal to you, then you are in the right place.

The Mission of our Farm Education

The mission of Stoney Creek Farm and Dirt Rich Education is to teach people how to grow their own healthy food while learning sustainable practices and natural resource management for future generations.  Our ultimate goal is to develop a curriculum that will teach people how to be more self-sufficient because it is empowering and promotes freedom.

The Funderburk’s have spent 13 years developing their dream.

Stoney Creek Farm is a small sustainable farm, that produces six different income streams. Their mission revolves around teaching individuals and families to grow their own healthy food, by renting garden plots and offering a summer U-Pick Garden to the community. They also host Educational Seminars, farm tours, and have a venue for local events/parties.