Pesticide FREE Canning Tomatoes and Vegetables Now Available!

    Pesticide-Free Canning Tomatoes, Green Beans, Squash, Cucumbers
    are now available for sale


    Discounts for Canning Vegetables in Quantity!
    We are open Wednesday/Saturday 7am-7pm and Sunday 1-7 pm for our U-Pick Garden, but if you are buying or ordering pre-picked canning vegetables, just call/text 615-591-0015 for a pickup date and time. Available now: squash, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers.

    We have plenty of blackberries, but very few blueberries due to the late frost in the Spring. Most of the other items on the price list are now available.

    Be sure and ask for a sample of our local honey and creamed honey!

    Want to learn how to preserve your own healthy food?  Take our Canning 101 Class on July 28th.

    Canning 101: Preserve Your Own Healthy Food
    Final Canning Class this Season

    Saturday, July 28th
    10am-12 noon
    Cost $35

    Always wanted to learn how to preserve your fresh fruits and vegetables? The Stoney Creek Farm Canning Class includes the following topics on preserving foods: Water Bath Canning (tomatoes, jellies, etc) Pressure Canning (green beans, soups, etc) Drying Herbs/Fruits Blanching for the Freezer Jams/Jellies/Pickling Learn a sustainable skill for a lifetime that you can share for generations to come…

    To register for Canning 101, click the link below: